Corporate Strategy

At Athas Health, we offer relevant information and treatment options to patients seeking help for various health-related issues.By partnering with the best physicians and facilities across the country, we can coordinate a patient’s education on different treatment options available and direct them to the best team of physicians to help them get the optimal care available. Our partner physicians work together, offering the most conservative, medically advanced treatment options to our patients to provide the best patient outcomes available.By providing value to the patient, we are able to generate meaningful case volume for partner physicians and facilities.

Healthcare Trends

There’s a revolution happening in healthcare marketing. Are you out in front of it?

Today, patients are increasingly likely to seek information relating to their health online. In fact, according to Patient Education and Counseling, An International Journal for Communication in Healthcare, the majority of patients seek information online before a clinical encounter. Between 1997 and 2000, the percentage of Internet users in the United States that sought health information online grew from 43% to 63%. (1997 data: Find/SVP (1998) Profiles of Consumers Using Online Health and Medical Information. The HealthMed Retrievers, New York. 2000 data: Pew Internet and American Life Project, 2001.)

Traditional Doctor-Patient Relationship is being Challenged. In a technical report published in October 2011 by the European

Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, more than 80% of physicians reported experience of patients presenting printed internet-sourced health information at visits. That same report states that “the Internet would appear to provide the ideal medium for the provision of information targeted at the prevention and control of communicable disease for both health consumers and health professionals.”

Patients expect the most conservative treatments and the more advanced treatment options available.

In the past, primary care physicians directed patients to a specialists who would recommend a treatment. More often than not, the patients followed the treatment recommended by the specialist and dealt with whatever outcome they got.Not anymore. Patients have grown increasingly aware of the options available to them today and are better informed than ever before. Relying on the traditional relationship between referring physicians and specialists is a thing of the past.

To grow one’s practice or hospital, providers need to engage the best trained physicians with relationships to firms that can expose their superiority in the marketplace.